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Introducing the “Buddha Quotes and Meditation” Android App – your go-to source for peace, inspiration and mindfulness. With our app, you can access an extensive collection of Buddha quotes and teachings, all in one place.

What sets us apart from other meditation apps is our unique features – we have a favorites feature, allowing you to save your favorite quotes and teachings for easy access, and a random quotes feature, providing you with daily doses of inspiration.

Moreover, we offer 10 beautiful Buddha smartphone backgrounds to download. These backgrounds will remind you to stay mindful and present throughout your day.

Our app also provides information about Buddha, his teachings and philosophy, and a dedicated section about Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, a Buddhist teacher with a youtube channel. You can follow his teachings and deepen your understanding of Buddhism.

The app also features three short guided meditations, which are perfect for beginners or anyone looking to refresh their practice. You can also choose to listen to soothing meditation music, which will help you relax and focus.

Lastly, we know how annoying it can be to be bombarded with ads or to have to pay for subscriptions. That’s why our app is completely ad-free and requires no subscriptions. You can enjoy our features and teachings without any interruptions or extra costs.

Download the “Buddha Quotes and Meditation” app today and start your journey towards mindfulness and inner peace.



  • 100 Buddha Quotes
  • 5 Minutes Random Quotes
  • 10 Buddha smartphone backgrounds for to download
  • Favorites’ Feature
  • Informations about Yongey-Mingyur Rinpoche (YouTube-Channel link and infos)
  • Easy to use
  • Functions in app explained
  • Resizable font size on random quotes
  • No ads, no subscription
  • Beautiful warm and friendly design
  • Music (1 music video and background music with on and off buttons)

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